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SAATEN-UNION: Breeding for the future (English)

We live in a time of shortage of resources, changes in climate, the necessity of feeding a continuously growing world population and the increasing cultivation of renewable resources. One result of this current situation is that proper plant breeding has become a top priority.
SAATEN-UNION GmbH was founded in 1965 and is an association of seven medium-sized plant-breeding enterprises with more than 100 years of breeding experience behind them. We make energy-efficient and healthy varieties of seeds available for all European crop-growing areas. The secret of our success is our practical down-to-earth experience, our technological leadership and an unparalleled genetic range of more than 40 agricultural grain varieties.

Exchange of know-how means greater know-how
SAATEN-UNION has cash crops but also a large variety of grains specially adapted to particular regions. Our company takes the know-how of the most diverse areas and combines them efficiently with each other. It makes use of modern genetics to achieve an [… Více]

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